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Brick Oven Bistro & Deli

By GirlFriday:
Brick Oven Bistro & Deli is the type of neighborhood spot we should all be so lucky to have in our own backyard.  Though they opened their doors one year ago this month, I must say I did only have my first taste until just last week.  
As the saying goes, it’s all in the details, and never is that more true for me, than when dining out.  All too often new restaurants can overlook elements that can really impact your overall dining experience –  details that truly have nothing to do with what’s on the plate in front of you.  So, when we sat down on a busy Friday night at a table in the bar area, I was not sure what to expect.  I had heard rave reviews about the food, but like I said, that can take you only so far sometimes.
After we were seated, I was pleasantly surprised to find that as our foursome earnestly got into conversation, we could actually hear one another.  Though there was not a seat left at the bar, or in either dining room for that matter, we found that we could communicate quite easily over the buzz of the crowd and the overall energy of the restaurant.  That was quite reassuring.  
First came our drinks.  By default I am used to ordering bottled beer, as we all know how unclean either the glasses, or the lines, can sometimes be at a place we’re not yet familiar with.  So after my first Heineken, and after our dining guests (who also own a few bars around town) proclaimed that their draughts were the cleanest tasting beers they’ve had out in a while, I switched things up.  Something as simple as keeping on top of those “little things”, such as cleaning tap lines, will help to keep people interested and frequenting an establishment for years to come.


Now to the food.  As the name implies, a portion of their menu is designated to their wood-fired, brick pizza oven, which happens to offer both regular and gluten free housemade dough.  The pizza selection starts with a ubiquitous (but also personal favorite) Margherita, with hand pulled mozzarella or a Classic Pepperoni with charred pepperoni.  Then things get much more adventurous with a Beef on Weck pizza which consists of house roasted beef, Swiss cheese, horseradish aioli and finished with a kimmelweck crust.  Then there’s even a Hot Pepper pizza with stuffed hot peppers pork sausage, marinara, and mozzarella.  The pizzas were quite good, absolutely demanding a return visit to sample some of their other creations, and also to repeat some new favorites as well.
Brick Oven Bistro & Deli also offers what sounds like an amazing Pasta Fagioli with housemade stock and fresh herbs, as well as an appealing Beet Salad with arugula, orange, fried goat cheese, finished with a walnut vinaigrette.  Rounding out their enticing starter selection are a generous Antipasti platter offered in two sizes, and a Fried Eggplant with hand pulled mozzarella, herb infused olive oil, and basil salt.  There are also numerous entrees to choose from, all served with a gluten free pasta substitute or a vegetarian option, which is always nice to see so clearly stated on a menu, especially as a first timer in a place.  Everything from Manicotti with housemade crepes and stuffed with a herb ricotta, to Beef Short Ribs with pappardelle and mushroom cream, to Gorgonzola crusted heritage pork, and the list goes on with Half free-range Chicken to Veal Saltimboca, Vegetable Pappardelle pasta with lemon herb cream to Veal Parmesan… there really is something for everyone.  The most expensive item on the menu being a 16 oz. NY Strip Steak (served with garlic bread, potatoes, caramelized onion, and mushroom sauce, served with complimentary mixed greens or pasta fagioli), for only $18 really speaks volumes to again, the attention that this father and son team gave to making sure every detail was looked after, ensuring that this will be the “go to” neighborhood spot for years to come.
Finally, the hours are the last component that one can really appreciate from an establishment such as this.  To offer not only lunch and dinner service, but for a new restaurant to speak to the underserved, local brunch crowd I think is completely commendable.  And to offer a brunch menu with offerings ranging from a Watermelon Salad (feta, watermelon, mixed greens, cucumber, & balsamic vinaigrette); Breakfast Caesar (classic Caeser, homemade dressing & crouton, house cured bacon, finished with poached egg & shaved Parmesan), to The Brick House (2 eggs, home fries, butter toast & sausage or house cured bacon); Breakfast Pizza (omato ricotta, scrambled eggs, sausage, tomato, onions & mozzarella); and The Hangover (breakfast burrito w/ scrambled eggs, cheese, caramelized onions, hot peppers, home fries, sour cream & sausage)…  I, for one, can not think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!
Brick Oven Bistro & Deli
910 Abbott Rd  
Buffalo, NY 14220
(716) 844-8496
Mon-Thu: 11am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 10:30am-8pm

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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    Went here one afternoon with a group of hungry friends all excited about the great press this place has received…..only to be told the pizza ovens were closed between 2-4pm and all they had were salads. Won’t be back.

  • South Buffalo Drifter

    Glad to see a thriving business in this building. It sat empty for a while after the grocery store moved out. I am glad to see that South Buffalo businesses are prospering. We will defintely be checking it out on our next visit home.

  • Old First Ward

    A tip when writing a article especially about a new business is to give some cross streets and or other recognizable places in the area so people can immediately pinpoint the location.
    It is directly across the street from Discovery School #67 just past Woodside Ave. I have driven by a few times and seen many people inside on the weekends. The menu sounds delicious. I can eat pizza every day. That stuffed hot pepper pizza sounds interesting.

  • Allentwnguy

    Nice to hear of a place where you can get good food and a good draft beer at a reasonable price. Clean tap lines make all the difference in the world to the taste of a good beer. Lines need to be cleaned every 14 days. Most places around my area you’re lucky they clean them once a month!

  • grad94

    agreed. google map the address and link to it.

  • Old First Ward

    Once a year in Allentown.
    Not to gross the topic out, but I recently read online about a survey of 10 dirtier places than a toilet seat, and restaurant menus made the list. Pretty soon we will have sanitizing wipes dispensers at tables.

  • ladyinwhite

    Saw that on TV, I believe menus came in 1st place for filth, worse than the seat on a grocery cart where people put bread and stuff not thinking about the kid sitting there ealier in the day with soiled diapers.

  • St Jimmy

    @ old first ward – yes it is right across from Discovery. Abbott & Narragansett

  • grad94

    less than perfect cleanliness might actually be good for you.

  • ivan putski jr

    I love fine dining in South Buffalo…good tip on the location too, Discovery School 67 is a frickin’ landmark

  • LouisTully

    Only OFW and ladyinwhite… this couple could turn a mick day party into a gloomy affair. Hey, Happy Saturday Deb:

  • TheRepatformerlyknownasosirisascending

    Hey Tully, I want to pick your brain about something completely unrelated to this thread. Do you have an e-mail address that you don’t mind posting in public, or perhaps if queenseyes is possibly a mutual friend/acquaintence he could get it to me?

  • LouisTully

    Not at all. I shot an email to the BR account, I’m sure they’d pass it along.

  • Linksfiend

    I’m somewhat of a regular. Easily the best beer selection in the area.

  • The Goat


    I’ve had the same discussion there and that’s not what you were told. You were told that they only offered pizza and salad between 3 (not 2) and 4. It’s okay, lots of people aren’t good listeners.