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Construction Watch: Main @ Mohawk

There are three reuse projects underway on Main near Mohawk streets downtown.  Each are bringing long-underutilized buildings back to life.


At 477 Main Street, The Martin Group, a full-service marketing communications firm, is transforming a former Wendy’s restaurant into its new headquarters.  The formerly non-descript building is getting a 1,500 sq.ft second floor addition, a new façade and a balcony overlooking Main Street. 

477-Main-Street-Render.jpgThe makeover, designed by Carmina Wood Morris, P.C., will feature a stone base, metal panels, a sun shade system and clear glass windows (above). There will be a two-story light well/atrium which will allow sunlight to penetrate the interior and rear of the space.  Lamparelli Construction is the contractor.


Law firm Ricotta & Visco is finishing up its renovation work at 498 Main Street (entry image and above).  The formerly pink exterior of the 11,440 sq.ft. building has been wiped away and new windows were installed.  The building interior will have a glass elevator, four story atrium and exposed brick walls.  Dave Sutton of Dean Sutton Architects designed the rehab work. 


501 Main Street has a new owner and ground floor tenant.  The 6,000 sq.ft. building was purchased by Don Warfe in 2008 after sitting vacant for years.  Warfe rehabbed the building.  Two full-floor residences were created upstairs and had planned to open a Brodo-to-Go on the first level.  Clinton Brown Company designed the renovation.

The restaurant plan never came together and Warfe sold the property to Jason Winiarski’s FZO Main LLC in August.  Interior design firm Z Designs Inc. is relocating from Hamburg into the building’s first floor.

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    501 is a nice surprise. I never liked that proposal to remove the windows for a balcony. This looks very nice.

  • Buffaboy

    As usual, these are great projects for downtown. They will, in coordination with the Main St. cars project, hopefully bring life downtown and people in the next few years. These projects can add to the future “vibe” down there if the demonstrate the key principles in the article STEEL republished, letting the people be heard and not money. On a side note, when will Main Street in its entirety be completed?

  • hamp

    Looking good.

  • Andrew

    wow! i haven’t been on main st in some time. thanks for sharing the updates. the biggest shocker must be 498 main st. i’ll never forget the boarded up chinese restaurant on the first floor and the pink brick façade. great job everyone!

  • Travelrrr

    This is great. Period. However, as many have said in past discussions on these very buildings, I hope that, at some point, these transition into retail establishments–it’s what a vibrant downtown needs.

  • RRRumsey

    This is wonderful. The only detriment is that just around the corner on Mohawk behind 498 Main is an OTB branch, making the small concrete park on E. Mohawk the stomping grounds of many vagrants and the odor of marijuana, stale beer and urine permeate the atmosphere. The OTB public restrooms are for customers only, but it is a warm place for the homeless during the winter months to sit during their business hours. More than once I have seen intraveneous drug addicts using right through the front window of this establishment. Rarely is the day when someone can walk down Main St at Mohawk and not be approached for cash.
    I park in a ramp across the street from this place. I dread walking to my car after work just about every day.

  • RaChaCha

    You forgot the cheesy black fence Allpro (the We Hide in a Dryvit Bunker people) just installed in the alleyway that a lot of folks on this block have used to actually get to their parking lot. And the even cheesier red cable they looped around the top to lock the gate.
    I’ve talked with the Z Design folks — a great business!

  • Cam33r4

    Buildings are looking good. Any rehab on Main Street downtown is good news to me. And Brodo-to-go sounds very cool to me. I like Brodo!

  • LouisTully

    This should help keep things moving in the right direction on Main Street.
    Thanks, Andrew. Makes you wonder if Mad-as-hell would have Buffalo’s interests in mind… and not just with some pie-in-the-sky billion dollar carrot.

  • LouisTully

    Re-read the article. No Brodo.

  • elmdog

    Buffalo News is saying that Cuomo isnt going to sign historic tax credit bill….D-bag….Although, I don’t like Grisanti and he was the head D-bag on this ….Maybe early next year….

  • Captain Picard

    Yeah, it sucks when our perfect utopian paradise is ruined by the shenanigans of the less fortunate. Perhaps we should have a cop go around dressed as Santa Claus handing out Christmas appearance tickets?
    Hopefully marijuana will soon be legalized nationwide, giving you one less bit of minutiae to bitch about.
    Buffalo Rising…where progressive values are lauded, so long as compassion isn’t one of them.

  • JSmith

    Are they putting the windows back in at 501 Main? That’s great, I didn’t like the bombed-out look either.

  • Cam33r4

    Whoops. I literally read up until that and then skipped the last two sentences. I’m a dumbass

  • citydweller

    So, once again, wrong information surfaces in Buffalo. 501 Main Street was sold from one corporation to a new corporation FZO inc, the president of the corporation is Jason Winairski, however, Warfe still remains a partner. There are not permanent windows installed, they will be removed during the nicer weather, thus giving each unit a barrier to the winter’s chill. Steel and Smith, sorry you don’t like the patios, both owners do and I don’t think they care what your preference is. As far as Brodo goes, it is just not the right time, however, never say never.

  • RaChaCha

    I’m a dumbass
    No, just a big Brodo fan. Me too!

  • RaChaCha


  • BuffaloQPublic

    Applause! Applause!