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The Glorious Plight of the Buffalo Bills

In preparation for tomorrow’s Bills game in New England, there is an article of interest written by Ben Austen that proves to be a fascinating read for Buffalo football enthusiasts:

It was about 24 hours till kickoff, and the Bills Mafia had taken over the Hotel Lafayette’s bar in downtown Buffalo. They numbered in the 50s, though possibly there were many more. Other hotel patrons and passersby also wore Ryan Fitzpatrick jerseys and T-shirts with proclamations that said BE LOUD, BE PROUD, BELIEVE! Buffalo the team and the town, so long locked in a spiral of mutual hardship, seemed more culturally entwined than any other city and its professional sports franchise. I headed there during the run-up to the Bills’ September game against New England, a festive time known locally as “Patriots Week.” The Bills Mafia was observing the occasion by replaying the entire telecast of last year’s Bills win over the Pats, watching the game with a holiday’s gaiety, reflection, and thanks. Their celebration of the Bills was the third I had stumbled upon in two days. As early as Thursday, the game-day blimp already appeared to be pacing the skies overhead, as if personifying the teeming anticipation in the tiny-seeming people down below.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • Josh Bauer

    A great take on the people of Buffalo and, more specifically, the rabid, forever disappointed fans of the Queen City… glad the Billsmafia was featured so prominently…a nice written companion to Almost a Dynasty

  • ivan putski jr

    The fact they refer to themselves as the Bills Mafia just reinforces Buffalo’s image as a bunch of simple minded, no life meatheads……I’m all about supporting your home team but these people seem like total losers….sounds like the bar at the hotel has a Bada Bing vibe…nyce

  • Chris

    The article was realistic… Although due to the length I’m not sure many non Buffalonians made it all the way through. This was written like a piece you would see in Vanity Fair or the New Yorker. I’m not sure if “Grantland” had the audience to palate such a novel.
    I commend this writer it seemed like he was really interested and did his homework before coming to his conclusions. Because of that you got a realistic picture of the city and the people.

  • buffalo soldier

    Or…do some research into how they got the name Bills Mafia before you pass judgement on a group of people (of which many are undoubtedly more educated than you are) that you clearly know nothing about. Cheers!

  • ivan putski jr

    I think I have fairly good idea what they’re all about…..also, I see you still have Bob Marley’s Legend still on high rotation….see you at Slomba’s for super bionic night…Cheers!

  • buffloonitick

    “No matter what you end up eating or drinking, your puke at the end of the day has that cherry taste,” a young man noted.
    they don’t call it the ‘ralph’ for nothing…

  • buffalo soldier
    please read…
    too many words for you?

  • malooga

    “The Bills be losin'”. Summed up the last 12 years in four words.

  • Jaxson

    Slombas for a super bionic I could go for that That place isn’t still open is it ?
    I sure hope Mr Wilson sells that team soon It’s kind of sad what’s happened back in the old home town

  • benfranklin

    Was that just Tuesday night?

  • Xiu and Xu Zhou-Perkins

    I don’t know who any these Bills Mafia folks are, but a true Bills fan is discerning enough to demand a complete overhaul and not spend a dime on this product until such changes are made.
    If some 25-year old dorks in head-to-toe zubaz want to get up and scream “DEEE-FENSE” in the fourth quarter of a game we are losing by 30, go nuts — we “bandwagon” fans will continue to laugh at you.
    Many of us were going to relevant NFL games long before the Bills Mafia tots were in diapers, so we know how pointless it is to get worked up about this collection of garbage on the field.
    Xu Perk

  • BuffaloQPublic

    Helmets raised to Bills’ loyalists . . . forgive this off blog sides therapeutic sniping
    The adage that you can’t do the same things expecting different results is still sound advice. Today’s example: Fitzpatrick’s characteristic, thought-deficient throw in the final seconds of game which was intercepted.