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The University Heights “Unique, Diverse, Affordable”

Welcome to The University Heights, a unique, diverse and affordable area to live and work in the city of Buffalo. The Heights has a lot to look forward to in coming years, and to prove it, several community leaders have come together to create a video that was the byproduct of an intense leadership training program sponsored by Independent Health’s “Empowering Communities” initiative. 
A group called the University Heights Collaborative utilized an Independent Health grant in order to create a video that encompasses many of the reasons why The Heights is a desirable neighborhood. In order to showcase the different neighborhoods, a video montage was produced that could then be used to entice homebuyers to consider the different positive assets of the community, including its unique, diverse and affordable nature. 
With the help of Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts and students from University at Buffalo’s Television and Film Department, the video successfully shines a light on the many unique assets of The Heights, including housing stock, University at Buffalo, shops, restaurants and greenspace. 
It was a sneak preview of the video that led activists, along with UB’s Office of Community Relations, to announce an upcoming public showing that will also serve as a fundraiser for a host of university-centric non-profits including University Heights Collaborative, local block clubs and several community organizations and projects, including the Gloria J. Parks Community Center, the University Heights Tool Library, the University Community Farmers Market and the Capen Garden Walk. The premier will be held at South Campus, followed by a reception sponsored by Key Bank (University District branch). 
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 
Time: 7:00 p.m. 
Location: Allen Hall, UB South Campus
Tickets: $25 – General $50 – V.I.P. 
Tickets may be purchased online at, by sending a check or money order to: University Heights Collaborative, 5 W. Northrup St, Buffalo, NY 14214, in person at the University Heights Tool Library, 5 W. Northrup St., or at the door.

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Buffalo and development junkie currently exiled in California.

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  • FTheRedTape

    More like, “University Heights: Packed full of [deleted] Long Island frat boys, pistol-whipping gang bangers, and lacking in police enforcement. Oh, but it’s affordable.”

  • DTK2OD

    I’m sorry, but are you for real? Explain to me the rationale behind disparaging a community-driven effort trying to highlight the positives of a neighborhood? Sure, every community in the city has it’s own unique issues, but the fact that people are actively trying to do something to change perceptions for the positive should be applauded. I’ve lived in the Heights for the past three years and have yet to have an issue. I do thoroughly enjoy walking to campus, the grocery store, the hardware store, the bank, the movies, riding my bike along Linear Park, hopping on the Metro for a 10 minute ride downtown, and having the opportunity to purchase a house at a fraction of what it would cost in North Buffalo or the Elmwood Village though.

  • Cam33r4

    It’s not all the “frat guys” that bring challenges to the neighborhood. There are many landlords that I’ve heard who blatantly exploit college kids and don’t maintain their properties at all.
    And not everybody in the Heights is a douche bag frat guy, and that’s a terrible generalization. UB’s Medical School, Dental School, Nursing School, and Pharmacy School are all located on the South Campus, so it also attracts a lot of serious students who just like the convenience of being close to their classes.

  • No_Illusions

    I think you are confusing University Heights the the University District.
    Heights has a low crime rate…though yeah it does have UB frat boys.

  • FTheRedTape

    Sorry, DTK2OD, the gun that was slammed into my face while I lived in that neighborhood left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, ya know? I’m glad you enjoy it and certainly hope you stay safe.

  • DTK2OD

    Well I can certainly understand your frustration, but one of the primary points of this video seems to be to attract families and young professionals to buy in this neighborhood. Every house that falls into the hands of an investor is a blow to the stability and long term viability of this community.

  • LiveFastDie

    I was born and raised in this neighborhood and the whole distinction between a University Heights and University District is something that didn’t exist when I was growing up. Where does one start and one begin? My mother still lives in this neighborhood on one of the few streets that is still single family, owner occupied homes and even she doesn’t know what blocks these designations apply to.

  • No_Illusions

    University Heights is to the West of Mainstreet, across from UB.
    University District is directly to the south of UB, East of Mainstreet.

  • gtscout716

    University Heights – Unique blight and diverse crime!
    Thanks to councilwomen Bonnie Russell, Brown and co, who do jack while criminals take over.
    Where does Bonnie actually live, btw? Doubt she actually lives on Shirley. Otherwise she’d actually care about police presence and all the drugs, shootings and stabbings east of Main.

  • Pegger


  • r-k-tekt

    Like her not, Bonnie Russell and her husband Judge Russell just bought a house on Larchmont in University Park….and yes she does live there….I see her walking her dog all the time

  • Dan

    > University District is directly to the south of UB, East of Mainstreet.
    That’s Kensington.
    “University District” generally means the Common Council district.

  • Sheldon S. Kornpett, D.D.S.


  • jbny14

    I’m in North Buffalo and aside from dining at Shango once in a while, there is no reason to risk my safety in that “pseudo-hood.”
    I was leaving dinner from there the weekend of the Gus Macker (June?) and there was a drive-by shooting on MAIN STREET at the intersection behind me while I was at the light with my wife.
    Unfortunately, most people (students/city dwellers) know that the University District/Heights is not a good neighborhood. It’s a lot like Chippewa in the fact that its all under-aged kids and gang-bangers (yes,I’m generalizing).
    Whenever I am about to fill our rental in North Buffalo, we have an influx of UB kids trying to get out of that neighborhood and into this area.

  • Dan
  • BufHky

    No, I think you’re confusing Linear Park with your front yard.

  • cookiestastelikesomecookies

    sure the University Heights/district can be a little sketchy at times, but so can every neighborhood.
    I don’t see how this is getting any bad reviews. Why not try and make it a better place? you can’t just give up on a neighborhood once there is a drive by shooting or robbery. if that were the case, the elmwood village should have been done a long
    Hold the landlords accountable, bring in sustainable diverse businesses and put more of a police presence in the area.

  • Sheldon S. Kornpett, D.D.S.

    …or your mama’s house!

  • BufHky

    What a great attitude you have! You know the University Heights is just a hop, skip, and a jump from North Buffalo right? Now, remind me again where that body was found murdered and burned? Oh, that’s right, NORTH BUFFALO!!! Wow, see how easy it is to slander someone else’s community???
    Why are we pitting neighborhood against neighborhood? We all live in the same city. As they say “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Improvements in the Heights make surrounding neighborhoods that much safer, attractive, and valuable. So, instead of harboring contempt and ill will towards a particular neighborhood, maybe you could offer some creative solutions to the issues faced by residents not unlike yourself.

  • jbny14

    All I am doing is stating facts. You won’t bring the people into the neighborhood if they don’t feel safe. I live in NB and when I go to the “Heights” or even close to Main St on some nights, I feel like I should be carrying.
    There would be nothing better for the NB neighborhood if they could clean up UH and make it a “safer” place for all of us. Beautiful homes and architecture just like everywhere else in the city, the only problem is that it borders the East Side and all of the ignored problems there.
    Clean up your streets Byron.

  • gtscout716

    Just bought, so where did she live before? Because it sure as hell isn’t the house on Shirley they own. She wouldn’t even show up to meetings after several shootings, drive-bys and muggings a stones throw away from a few houses on Minnesota.
    So good for her that she actually lives in her district now, when is she going to start doing her job?

  • whatever

    Although I don’t think Russell has been good as a council member, it seems very unreasonable to give her or anyone on the Council a big portion of blame for violent crime.
    For one thing, they’re in the city legislative branch – not the city executive branch who manages the police dept, and not the state legislative branch who writes criminal law and sets prison space budgets, and not the city or county judicial branches whose judges decide sentences, and not the county D.A.’s office who decides on plea bargains, and so on.
    Even if the Univ Heights “answer lady” blogger herself was the Council member, does anybody seriously think there’d be a lower number of violent crimes per year in that district?

  • whatever

    There might be some overlap, but I think the part south of UB but north of say LaSalle is more often considered Univ Heights than Kensington.
    Like the blocks toward Main of Winspear, Highgate, Lisbon, Minnesota.

  • RaChaCha


  • gtscout716

    Obviously I don’t expect her to single handedly solve crime and hosing issues.
    But when you don’t respond to your residents complaints outside of a few wealthier streets, don’t help us get housing inspectors where they’re needed, don’t help us work with the E district on any quality of life issues, don’t even try to make it look like you care, what exactly are you doing to help?

  • ivan putski jr

    Famous Doughnuts, Duke’s, Broadway Joes, Aldis , Jim Steakout, Nette’s Fried Chicken…I get all my eatin and drinking done in one block…luv the Heights

  • Pegger

    I would gladly live in University Heights, but certainly not in the University District neighbothood. I am all for diversity, but my safety comes first. I can’t and won’t have my grandchildren at risk of a stray bullet.
    The funny thing? He was 13 when he moved to South Orange County, CA. He told me that if I ever made him come back, he would jump st 30,000 feet. He never did come back. But, he let’s the kids travel 3,000 miles to Buffalo unattended as long as they stay in the family room out back and never venture out front unless I am there taking them somewhere .
    Strange, but so true

  • whatever

    gt & RaCha –
    Like I said before, criticisms of Russell as a council member have merit. It’s unfortunate that she was re-elected last fall for another 4-year term through the end of 2015, with no serious opponent from that district even challenging her in the election.
    Still, keeping things in perspective, it’s going way too far when any council member is blamed for rapes or deaths the way Answer Lady does toward Russell.
    For example
    “… Parents of students … you might want to keep in mind when your student comes home raped, beaten or god forbid in a coffin, that Mayor Brown and Bonnie Russell choose tax cuts over more police and housing inspectors. …”
    Russell is 1 vote out of 9 on the council. Funny that A.L. never singles out that way council members who she likes (the council’s anti-Byron faction) and also point to them by name when discussing rapes or deaths, even though those also don’t push for higher city taxes to fund more police. Which of the 9 council members have pushed for that? None that I’m aware of.
    In fact, the anti-Byron faction (which doesn’t include Russell) held the majority for most of his years as mayor. When did that majority ever make a big push to expand the BPD and raise taxes as A.L. blames Russell and Brown for not doing? I don’t think any of them ever did. Yet it seems only Russell who gets signed out like that and associated with rapes & deaths. Too far.