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Amy’s Truck!

One of Buffalo’s most beloved restaurants is taking its proven concept to the streets. This week, Amy’s Place is launching Amy’s Truck – a food truck that will be serving many of our menu favorites including my all-time number one… the Lentil-Berry Sandwich. Until now I haven’t felt the urge to actually track down a food truck. Usually when I come across one, I decide at that moment whether or not I feel like ordering something. In this case, I know that there will be times when I will be craving a Lentil-Berry Sandwich, and I won’t be able to make it to the University District. Being a big fan of Amy’s Place in general, I’m very interested in tracking down and trying out a number of freshly prepared menu items on Amy’s Truck. It doesn’t hurt that the truck is also vegan and vegetarian friendly!
Apparently Amy’s Truck will be stationed in Allentown tomorrow near the corner of Allen and Elmwood (at 6:30pm for dinner) – 110 Elmwood Avenue, in the parking lot between COMAND Solutions and El Buen Amigo. According to a Facebook post, operators are looking to decorate the back of the vehicle with stickers from local bands, stores, restaurants, etc. So before you head out to find the truck, grab a few stickers to help the cause. Or you can send a sticker to:
Amy’s Truck 3234 Main St. Buffalo NY 14214
And here’s the menu:

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  • LI2Northpark

    Can’t wait! Good luck Amanda and company!!!!!!!!!!!

  • queenseyes

    Amy’s Truck is scheduled to arrive at 6:30pm for dinner…

  • Travelrrr

    This is great news (mostly because I find the actual restaurant to be a hole….but like the food).

  • LI2Northpark

    Well, Amy’s Place is one of those restaurants that you go to for the good, cheap food and friendly staff, not the decor, much like The Sterling on Hertel. If you go in to either with those expectations, IMHO, they can’t be beat.

  • chetroia

    Too bad I work in Amherst were they give these mobile resturaunts hard time. This would be great to have in our parking lot probably would do great business. There is not many good place to eat seems in Amherst for bunch of chains crab shack wendys etc not my type food.

  • NorthBuf

    Just disguise it as a Pine Hill Coffee Truck (and find an appropriately clad young lady to sell your hummus wraps). You’ll be in the clear

  • The Boss

    Elmwood at Allen, and that is not too close to a restaurant? just wondering if they are enforcing the rules these days. It would be cool if there was an open lot or park that all trucks could gather at on certain days. The synergy would payoff, maybe Pegs Park, back of AK Museum, Canalside.

  • GroveyClevesYall

    Veggie Wet Shoes! Veggie Wet Shoes! Veggie Wet Shoes! Veggie Wet Shoes! ON WHEELS! Veggie Rollerskates? Nice gradient btw..

  • BuffaloByChoice

    Exciting news for Buffalo’s Vegan and Vegetarian community! For everyone else too, of course…but they have lots of options for alternative diets.
    Would love to see the Vegan Mac in there on the menu over time…maybe even the lentils & brocolli w/ seitan?
    Undoubtedly one of my favorite places to eat. Will be nice to not have to drive to the city’s edge to enjoy their food!

  • grad94

    paint it like the merry pranksters’ bus!

  • Daniel Green

    My wife and I moved back to Buffalo a year ago after being in NYC for over 6 years and in this past year I’ve seen so much great stuff happen. An Amy’s food truck is just icing on the cake. Good luck to Amanda and crew and we’ll be there on Thursday!

  • buffloonitick

    good idea. it will help their business go ‘further’…

  • foodvirgindiaries

    Amy’s truck will be my new food virgin challenge tomorrow. Check out my blog to see the results next week!

  • BenSherman1

    Great menu and fast service!  Be sure to find them daily using the StreetMeat App!