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NWE Now Powering the FNC

Should the Buffalo Sabres get an opportunity to flip on the switches
at the First Niagara Center this season, New Wave Energy Corporation will be
the company supplying the power.

The Sabres announced a partnership with the local natural gas and
electricity supplier that is headquartered at
434 Delaware Avenue,
Buffalo, NY, Tuesday.

In accordance with being
the official Power Behind the Buffalo
the away penalty box will be outfitted with New Wave Energy swag to
reinforce the company brand each Sabres power play.

“As the Power behind the Buffalo Sabres, New Wave Energy will
present our fan base with special offers and promotions throughout the season,”
said, John Livsey, Sabres Vice President of Sales and Business

New Wave Energy was
founded in 2009 as a licensed provider of electric and natural gas to New
Jersey, New York, New England, Texas and Pennsylvania. The company provides
low-cost energy to more than 3,000 customers both commercially and

Securing our energy future means new innovations in
non-carbon emitting facets including the power of natural gas, wind, solar, and
WAVE. The Research & Development team at New Wave Energy will never tire
until our energy future is secured.” – –

New Wave Energy will be replacing Integrys Energy, a
Chicago, IL based group as the Sabres official supplier.

“We cannot even begin to express our excitement to begin this
endeavor with such an iconic and beloved Buffalo institution,” said Ryan
Lilley, Vice President of Business Development at New Wave Energy Corporation.
“We have developed a strong reputation and affinity for prosperity and
economic growth in Buffalo, and we felt that with the emerging Canalside
projects and the continuing improvements the Buffalo Sabres have made within
their organization and throughout the community, that this was the perfect time
to solidify a partnership with a team that means so much to our region and to
us personally. This valued partnership will also allow us the opportunity to
offer our discounted electricity services to a much wider audience of
businesses and residencies throughout WNY and beyond. We could not be more

Although this is another positive step for the Sabres, who under
owner Terry Pegula have been a shining example of positive change in the areas
surrounding the First Niagara Center, it may be a while before the fans get to
experience these enhancements with the team they are built around.

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  • RobH

    I hope there will be a series of articles like this. I can’t wait to find out who will supply floor wax and paper towels to the First Niagara Center.
    And by the way, New Wave Energy is a Florida corporation, based out of a condo in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Mark_Hitchcock

    I really liked Integrys Energy but if the Sabres want to switch then MORE POWER TO THEM!!! ZING!!!

  • BuffaloLiving

    I personally know the owners of the company. Yes, you are correct that New Wave does in fact have ties to Fort Lauderdale. Both owners, born and raised in Buffalo, started the operation down there while working in the energy industry. After just a short while, they moved back to Buffalo where they are currently operating out of their Delaware Avenue HQ.

  • Mike6133

    I disagree with everything you said. I like learning about topics like this.
    I am curious to who supplies the paper towels. Is it a local company? Do they use recycled paper or perhaps paper that comes from a FSC-certified source.
    Also, a source much more credible then you, Buffalo Business First, lists FNC as a buffalo-based company. So its looks like the Sabres are trying to help the local economy.

  • RobH

    NYS Department of State
    Division of Corporations
    Entity Information
    The information contained in this database is current through September 25, 2012.
    Selected Entity Name: NEW WAVE ENERGY CORP
    Selected Entity Status Information Current Entity Name: NEW WAVE ENERGY CORP
    DOS ID #: 3920196
    Initial DOS Filing Date: MARCH 05, 2010
    County: ERIE
    Jurisdiction: FLORIDA
    Current Entity Status: ACTIVE
    Selected Entity Address Information DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
    3250 NE 28TH ST. SUITE 48
    Registered Agent

  • BuffaloLiving

    Rob H
    What’s your point? The company was founded while they were living in Florida. So what? Every employee lives in WNY and their HQ office is on Delaware Ave. These are friends of mine and I can tell you that their sole focus is in WNY.

  • lastoneleft

    I agree with Buffalo Living: this is a very young and talented group of professionals taking risks to grow a company and create jobs in WNY! Buffalo Rising should do another article on these guys titled: “Baffalo-Bred Rising Stars under 40!”

  • BuffaloLiving

    Thanks lastoneleft. Some people just always choose to focus on the negatives (in this case it’s not even a negative, just pointless?)
    This city is moving forward whether people like it or not. Time to focus on the all of the positive things the city and organizations like NWE and the Buffalo Sabres are doing for the community.

  • Buffalogni

    This is good news. One day soon hopefully the natural gas will be from New York state.
    Cuomo, do the right thing.

  • ForestBird

    All utilities should be municipally owned and profit-free. The Brits now own our electric company, and are sucking money out of WNY with every bill we pay.

  • ftlflordia
    here is a web page stating it was founded in florida. its not cool to see our good deal on energy is far away from buffalo