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Melting Point

As much as you might not be thinking of a specialty grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of soup right now, this fall you’ll be glad when Melting Point opens its doors at 244 Allen Street. The relatively small operation is the culmination of ideas between two foodies, Mike Kifner and Matt Yuhnke, who are in the midst of coming up with a menu that will boast fourteen different grilled cheese sandwiches along with a weekly and a monthly special. 
I asked Mike to give me an idea of what one of the sandwiches might be and he said that one that came to mind was… a ham-steak with Swiss served up on freshly made bread with homemade mustard seed spread and a house-pickled egg. “We’re still sourcing our products,” he told me. “We’re looking for a local bakery and locally made non-alcoholic drinks. There will be no deep fryers, and we will be coming up with some vegetarian and vegan options (the two are experimenting with vegan cheese now). We’ll be open for lunch and late night – we’ll have a bar for seating along the window where customers can look onto Allen Street, and a couple of tables inside.”
Melting Point
244 Allen Street
Buffalo NY
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  • LouisTully

    Late night… nice. It’s nice to have an option besides Towne or Jim’s.

  • BillyBobN

    My friend was a partner in opening up Melt Shop in NYC and the lines at lunch were always huge, especially delivery orders. A grilled cheese shop will be PERFECT for Allentown. Especially once the temperatures drop. They should deliver, they’d really get even more business that way. Also, love the colors from what I can see of their logo!

  • South Buffalo Drifter

    Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Great idea! I will definitely check it out when I am visiting Buffalo!

  • Lego1981

    Sounds different and yummy!!!!

  • Travelrrr

    Better have tomato soup in which to dunk said grills!
    How’s the grilled cheese truck doing, btw?

  • Cam33r4

    First the Cheesy Chick and now this? Who knew gourmet grilled cheese would become so popular!

  • grad94

    i love grilled cheese, too. any chance of a gluten-free option for those of us who read “wheat belly” and decided to cut back on wheat?

  • Magnum

    Check out Gorilla Cheese food truck in Hamilton. Longest lines I ever seen at a food truck. Hopefully melting point branches out and Buffalo gets a mobile cheese truck. There is plenty of free parking in front of my house.

  • brownteeth

    I love grilled cheese! I agree this will be a nice option over the standard diners nearby. I’m also glad to hear they will be open late. I think some lunch style deli’s forget that people live in the city and need/want food after 5pm.

  • Polonia

    I love grilled cheese and I hope these dudes kick ass, but enough with the gimmick restaurants. If we hear about cupcakes or macaroons anymore I’m gonna puke.

  • JMc44113

    This is a knock-off of the restaurant that was born in Cleveland called “MELT.” They recently grew to having six locations in Cleveland – all of them with 2+ hr waits on a good day!

  • Christina

    Don’t forget Mothers!