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Square 1 Sandwiches

New to Larkin Square and scheduled to open as early as next week is Square 1 Sandwiches. Built in a beautiful old Airstream Trade Wind Land Yacht, the eatery looks as bold and bright as the elevated food court that seconds as a back drop and band stand. The mostly-stationary food truck (trailer) is also located next to the newly opened Filling Station restaurant with a sixteen seat patio for patrons to share. Either that or sit at one of the many colorful lawn seats, some of which are now shaded with gigantic patio umbrellas. 

Although I arrived just moments ago, and The Larkin Filling Station (see more) was beginning to wrap up for the day, I did manage to grab one of the only menu items that they had not sold out of during the lunch rush. I left with my to-go meal and sat up on the bandshell overlooking Larkin Square, listening to the music being piped over myriad speakers throughout the district while watching Square 1 Sandwiches being installed. 
When the shiny silver sandwich shop opens next week in Larkinville, it will feature curry turkey, Cuban pork, ginger beef, Thai chicken, Jerk avocado, Greek artichoke, soy portabella and egg and cheese sandwiches (among other interesting creations). The eatery will serve espresso shots, an Americano, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, mocha and will even offer beer.  

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  • biniszkiewicz

    That’s a pretty appealing sounding menu.
    Congrats to Zemsky and partners. This area is such a pleasant surprise. Really coming together. Well done.

  • Dan
  • osirisascending

    Intriguing… do you know more about this concept?

  • RaChaCha

    In related news, Joe Bob Briggs will now be hosting MonsterVision LIVE from Buffalo.

  • rpm40

    Everything looks great in that photo! I’ll need to finally get over there and check it out.

  • cookiestastelikesomecookies

    i can never figure out where the larkin district is… where is this?? i want to go!

  • laldm

    This is right where Seneca, Swan, and Emslie Streets come together on the East Side, a few blocks east of the intersection of Seneca & Hamburg Streets. If you take the 190, there’s an exit at Hamburg. Go north to Seneca and turn right.

  • RaChaCha

    Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning.

  • BFLOwatch

    Not the East Side. Valley, Ward, hydraulics area.

  • Jesse

    The biggest compliment I can find is to say that the bottom photo there looks like one of those architectural renderings. You know, the ones they do where reality never matches the actual picture? I had to look closely to figure out whether or not the two guys pictured were actually there.
    A little more infill across the street and wow…

  • Dan

    It’s the name the folks at Buffalo Rising give to the area that is historically known as The Hydraulics.

  • Black Rock Lifer

    I certainly prefer the Hydraulics, this area is the twin to Black Rock, both neighborhoods developed in the 1820’s due to the availability of waterpower.

  • Dan

    Yup. Basically, vacant lots house collections of food trailers, usually in Airstreams. Most are in the South Austin and South Congress neighborhoods. It works well there because of the weather, and the absurd number of foodies, hipsters, and foodie hipsters that call Austin home.

  • norwalk

    BEAUTIFUL! Its only going to get better!

  • grad94

    the larkin district is living proof that preservation = economic development = jobs.