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Joffrey Lupul Are Bad at English

Have you ever heard of Joffrey Lupul? Probably not.

Yes, he’s a professional hockey player but he plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs so he is, like his team, largely irrelevant. His career highlights include playing on the WHL East All-Star team in 2001-02. Yes, the WHL. Since then, he’s enjoyed what could generously be called an ‘almost average’ career though he’s peaking now as he was just named – get this –  the NHL’s 3rd Star of the Month for November 2011. Impressive, huh?

Anyway, Lupul is in Buffalo today as the Leafs are here to play the Sabres tomorrow night. Mr. Lupul has a Twitter account and sent out the following tweet earlier today:

Jlupultwitter.pngThis tweet contained a link to this picture:


Lupul, apparently, doesn’t like the view of downtown Buffalo from his room at the Embassy Suites at the Avant. This is despite the fact that he can see a number of architectural masterpieces including City Hall and the Statler. And he has a great view of the new federal courthouse. Never mind the actual view, though. The best part is Lupul cleverly expressed his dissatisfaction with his witty tweet “Is there any windowless rooms?”

Interestingly, Lupul is Canadian. In Canada, they speak English (for the most part). Presumably, he went to school. Despite this, Lupul clearly struggles with the English language. Indeed, watching Lupul try to string together a sentence is like watching the Maple Leafs try to make the playoffs – it starts out hopeful but ends in tragedy.

This is the kind of stuff that adds to rivalries. Buffalo fans already hate the Leafs and Leaf fans already hate Buffalo. This adds to the animosity and will make tomorrow’s game all the more intense. For that, we can has thanks for Lupul. 


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  • grad94

    well, yeah, parking lots are a blight upon the landscape. you don’t have to be on a rival sports team to observe that that view actually -does- suck.
    nevertheless, someone in a frighteningly oversized green sequined bow tie is in no position to pass aesthetic judgement on others.

  • alyssaham spelled his name wrong!

  • paulsobo

    Good looking guy.
    Its opinion. Allow the guy and opinion and frankly stop being so defensive. Rather, use his opinion constructively to make Buffalo better.
    Stop the demolitions and the endless urban parking lots when we have a beautiful light rail system.
    Do you see christmas decorations?
    What about a full grown urban canopy of trees?
    How about infilling those parking lots with buildings.
    How about design codes for architecture to rebuild either modern or period but first class! Buffalo once had alot of world class buildings a few remain but we could do alot to rebuild a few we lost…or replace them with new modern onces.
    This is reality smacking medocrity in the face…and its telling Buffalo to step up its game. Its nothing that we Buffalonians say everyday…now lets do something about it.


    Instead of getting defensive I think more people in Buffalo should take note of the destruction that has been done to the city. News Flash. Exciting cities that people like to rave about have lots of people and very few parking lots. Paling lots landscapes like this are asking for ridicule.

  • MaterialGirl

    When you really start to think about long and hard there is no need for a vehicle (e.g. car, bike, skateboard, train) in Buffalo at all. For instance, cars kill people. Can’t the Common Council outlaw them, or Mayor Brown? Once again Buffalo leads the way with a void in leadership.

  • Travelrrr

    Agreed. Don’t bother reacting to him-react to those who want to continue to tear down Buffalo and construct surface lots. THOSE are the ones at whom you should target your anger.

  • 300miles

    Maybe he was commenting on two cars parked in the middle of the sidewalk

  • John Carocci

    Jackie, with all due respect, if you’re going to turn a snarky tweet by a visiting hockey player into an international incident, you’re just proving his opinion of Buffalo as an ugly hick town is correct. So he made a crack about the view from his window. Fine. We’ve heard worse from better people, and we’re still here to tell the tale. Let it go.

  • rustbeltcity

    Ummm, what was the point of this post other than bringing BRO to a new low?

  • brownteeth

    A comment like that just shows what little class this guy has. It’s one thing to knock a rival team but to talk trash about the city itself is just stupid.
    What does that comment even mean? Maybe if he was a better player he could afford a room with a better view.

  • GinghamQuaker

    Toronto has a crap load of parking lots and smoggy traffic jams.

  • Arch

    Mr. Lupul…meet Mr. Kaleta…native Buffalonian.

  • townline

    Well… Parking lots do look like complete shit. Our downtown has way too many of them. Its embarrassing.

  • Cardiff Giant

    You claim BRO goes to a new low about every 2 weeks. And then you’re back every day to comment on every post. So what gives?
    Also, you seem like a really enjoyable person to hang out with. Your humorless friends must dig your humorless style.

  • AKBuffalo

    How low is Buffalo’s collective self-esteem that we’re going to start crying about what Joffrey Lupol says? Last I checked, he’s a hockey player (a Leafs player nonetheless), so he’s not exactly high on the list of architectural experts. Man up, Buffalo. If it bothers us, that should motivate us to do more.

  • norwood

    Can we please stop being so sensitive. Buffalo is a very beautiful city, unfortunately our downtown is not. Writing an article about this guy’s comments just validate them. Sometimes its best to just look the other way.

  • paulsobo

    Actually we have a beautiful downtown but only in areas that have not been demolished.
    The fabric of downtown needs to be reweaved back together.
    And the proper way to do it is to bring back some world class period buildings as well as new modern ones. We cant continue this cheap stuff that looks as bad as a surface parking lot.
    Downtown used to be filled with trees and buildings and Christmas used to be festive with wonderful decorations along the major streets and stores but of course today a minority of people have managed to sue most expressions of Christianity and Christmas.

  • Jackie Treehorn

    A) I don’t think I made it into an international incident. He ran some smack, I ran some smack back. As I wrote, this adds to the rivalry. This sort of thing can be fun and enjoyable so lighten up and revel in it.
    If I wrote another 2 or 3 posts about this, then you have a point.

  • ExWNYer

    He is a hick from Nowhereville, Saskatchewan. He wouldn’t know classic and renowned architecture from a 7Eleven. He will be back playing in Medicine Hat soon and longing for any view.

  • paulsobo

    If someone criticizes Buffalo without knowing us as a city, such as saying we are a snow capital of siberia then they deserve to be corrected.
    If someone criticizes Buffalo for decayed buildings, unbuilt urban lots that are used for parking when buildings were promised to be constructed then shame on us for continuing the same stupid practices and failing to correct them.

  • Eisenbart

    He’s right, that view is awful. Who can dispute it? He took a picture…

  • Lego1981

    Maby he’s speaking of that large surface lot? Those are a rare sight in more vibrant cities.

  • LouisTully

    Yeah, cuz his hometown Fort Saskatchewan is world class.

  • LouisTully

    Which part? The part where his name is Joffrey, not Jeffrey?

  • pampiniform

    While I don’t see what his issue is with that particular picture, I don’t know what exactly he wants in a city. Taste is a hard thing to qunatify. That isn’t the worst looking view in the city by any measure. In any case, I’ve heard worse.
    By the way, I wonder what the story behind that picture is. Is that a profile picture of his? Or was it chosen to make him look ridiculous? There does seem to be an element of attempted ridicule by the author that in the article.
    He played pretty well tonight though. And in any case looking at his career, he’s been on not a few teams. Who knows, maybe someday he’ll do some time here in Buffalo.

  • rustbeltcity

    Giggle….every day eh? Not likely. I catch up every few days when I leave the basement at my moms due to my miserable life. Posts like this are useless and gain what purpose to Buffalo Rising or the city itself? I enjoy reading the ones that BR was founded on.
    ‘Look at this home renovation” or “this new store”. You know, the postive posts well before this auther, Steel etc. Not some pissy rant from from a wanna be writer who uses this site as a personal sounding board and has thin skin such as yourself.

  • minuet

    lol. good grief, how silly.
    joffrey lupul is currently tied for third overall in the nhl in points, tied for 6th overall in goals, tied for 7th in assists, likely on his way to the all-star game and as the author mentioned.. named one of the players of the month for november. at this point, im just going to assume you’re either kidding or dont follow the nhl at all if you truly cant place who he is.
    because lets face it.. thats not too shabby of a record after fighting his way back from an almost career ending back injury, multiple surgeries and consequent blood infection. heck, its not too shabby without those obstacles to overcome.
    in any case.. its good to see from the majority of the responses here that most people are taking it as the joke it was meant to be and not as a personal attack on you and/or your city as a whole. lighten up.

  • Tom

    you cant be serious…

  • klaw

    Hey, Buffalo. Just in case you didn’t see Lupul’s response from that day, here it is. He’s good people. Jokes. Merry Christmas!