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Broadway Market’s Annual Kriskindlemart

To tell you the truth I was not aware that there was an annual Kriskindlemart at the Broadway Market each holiday season. On top of that, I had never even heard of a Kriskindlemart, an event that is meant to attract shoppers looking to load up on seasonal goodies. I would imagine that this event is meant to do for the gift-giving holidays what the Thanksgiving season does for the Broadway Market. Too many shoppers are trained to head to the malls and the mega-markets the second the snow flies. This year, consider foraging for some local alternatives to share with family and friends. 
Kriskindlemart is being billed as an occasion featuring ‘jams and jellies, hand crafted virgin olive oils, veggie burgers, organic coffees, unique spices and local wines as well as seasonal crafts along with our always popular Broadway Market traditional meats, poultry and fish, delicious bakery items, candies and fresh produce.’ From the sounds of it, the Broadway Market is attempting, once again, to attract a clientele that might not normally think to visit during the holidays… veggie burgers? Local wines? Organic coffees? Hand crafted virgin olive oils? If the market is fishing for a shopper from the Elmwood or Hertel districts, those are the types of trigger words that just might entice them to explore an alternative market.
*Beginning Saturday November 19 through November 26. Closed Sunday and Thanksgiving Day. Kriskindlemart continues Saturdays in December and daily Sunday December 18 through Christmas Eve. The event is free and open to the public. For additional information on participating wineries, specialty vendors, entertainment and special holiday food demonstrations visit the market’s website at or contact the Broadway Market at 716-893-0705. The market is located at 999 Broadway in Buffalo New York and is open every day, except Sunday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Parking is available in the parking ramp attached to the market.
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  • South Buffalo Drifter

    Awesome! We are definitely going to this and have my family coming in from out of town for this too!

  • paulsobo

    I encourage everyone to go to church for the 12 weeks of Christmas and I encourage everyone to boycott all businesses that refuse to say Merry Christmas or include the word Christmas in their Holiday decorations, advertising etc.

  • PaulBuffalo

    ChristieLou, you left out the hippies and the gays. You’ve never cut them slack before so why start now? You are a great ambassador of the holiday spirit. Happy Chanukah.

  • DTK2OD

    This is great! Exactly the kind of programming the Broadway Market needs.

  • Travelrrr

    Leave it to her to ruin a thread.
    Great concept, folks. I agree that this is a good direction for the market–make it a true market comprised of independent food retailers (certainly with some Polish representation, but representative of MUCH more than that).
    Think Embarcadero in San Fran.

  • Rand503

    I make a point of using the phrase Xmas if only to rile up the ignorant such as you.
    And if you need an explanation of why Xmas has been used since at least the 17th century, then you are stupid as you are arrogant.

  • waterboy716

    You clearly don’t understand what an agnostic is. The ignorance isn’t helping your case much.

  • al labruna

    just for a little history lesson, please enjoy a pretty decent wikipedia (gasp!) article on how the “x” came to Xmas:

  • buffloonitick

    I’ll bet you get invited to lots of holiday parties…

  • waterboy716

    interesting. I always assumed it was just short for ‘criss’, similar to the ped x’ing.
    Never crossed my mind that the zealots would think that it’s a way of taking christ out of christmas.

  • grad94

    hey, great idea! let’s also boycott every business who fails to wish us a happy labor day, rosh hashanah, ramadan, vesak (look it up), saturnalia, and iroquois feast of the dead!

  • buffloonitick

    don’t forget Festivus !

  • grad94

    or maybe there is a better idea. patronize businesses because they provide something that you need or want, at a price you can afford, with pleasant and reliable customer service. or because they are good neighbors. or because your cousin’s brother-in-law is the proprietor. or because you clipped a coupon. whatever.
    if you need constant reinforcement of your religious identity, then go to church every day. read your scripture. pray or meditate. serve others in the spirit of your messiah. all of these will be better for your soul than making businesses try to acknowledge every possible holy day on the calendar when they are struggling just to make payroll.

  • whatever

    grad, I tend to agree with your comment on this, but haven’t also some people on here have advocated not being customers of some businesses for extraneous reasons such as preservation controversies (Pano), zoning disagreements (Lex Co-op), having a Paladino campaign sign (Soho was it?), being a “too large” bank (M&T, etc), and of course some businesses for not being sufficiently local-only.
    Those arguably are subjective side issues too, so who’s to say the reason of paulsobo is necessarily crazier just because most of us don’t care about it?

  • grad94

    the difference for me is that the presence or absence of christmas cheer, music, and decorations in any particular business has no consequences, sets no bad precedents, does no damage. pano taking down a great and usable house does, and it was permanent.

  • broadwayfillmore

    This event started in 2007 as a Thanksgiving weekend only affair…a black Friday alternative for locals. It has really grown and is now an almost month long event.

  • whatever

    That’s my point, grad. You and paulsobo no doubt have many different views about what things cause long term bad consequences and damage – but you have in common expressing them through choices of which businesses to spend with.
    You two sound alike that way – which might annoy both of you to admit – lol!
    Who knows, maybe there’s overlap and he’d join you in boycott of Pano, or join those who’ve said they boycott the co-op because it has too many square feet or something.
    Your previous comment seemed to suggest he ignore side issues and choose based on good products and value. That’s how I’ve been doing it. If I ever start letting consequences/damage affect choices, I’d eat at Pano’s more often because his expansion is an improved consequence compared to the house, and I’d have to not spend at business that endorse potentially damaging lefty political stuff – just seems like too much hassle to try doing all that.
    Btw, in case I forget – happy winter xmas seasonal holidays to all.