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Woody’s Beach Club and Taqueria

For those of us who live in the city, finding a decent beach can be tough – at least one that’s close by. Just outside the city limits, right around where the wind turbines are found, restaurateur Tucker Curtain has opened a pretty cool beach bar called Woody’s (named so because it is located at Woodlawn Beach). Woody’s is fairly close in proximity to Tucker’s original waterfront success, Dug’s Dive.

We stopped by the beach bar yesterday to take a look around – to see what Tucker’s new bar and grill had to offer. If you’ve never been to Woodlawn Beach, you’ll be surprised to find an expansive beach that rivals even the best pristine beaches on the Canadian side. The sand is raked each day before colorful lounge chairs are set out. Woody’s has its own fencing in the sand, which delineates the area where people can order drinks from servers who actually visit beach-goers’ chairs (normally from 11am to 11pm, depending on time of year, weather and crowd). When we arrived to the beach it was mainly overcast and the clouds were just beginning to break. At around 3pm we found ourselves pretty much alone on the beach, drinking beers and relaxing. The volleyball net sat off to our right and a substantial children’s playground was also nearby, though on the other side of the beach fence (perfect for families with non-swimmers).


The sand at Woody’s is perfect. There’s plenty of room for lots of people without getting crowded. There’s a tiki bar on the beach and all of the water access that one needs. Plus, there are tons of state park amenities too, including a general store, bathroom facilities and a naturalist room with all sorts of wildlife displays and facts. Woody’s also has a bonfire pit that ‘beach patrol’ lights up at dusk. It’s located away from the water, up a sandy path, right next to the beach club. The club serves Mexican food such as mahi mahi tacos, chips and salsa, a cactus quesadilla, grilled skewered shrimp… and for the gringos there are dogs and burgers, fries and rings, etc. Of course the main reason that people belly up to the bar is the drink selection, serving up everything that a good taqueria should.

It’s mind-boggling to think that all of this is located so close to the city. For years people have complained that driving to Micky Rats and Sunset Bay was too far. Now, a short boat ride from Downtown lands you at a beach lover’s paradise!

Find Woody’s on Facebook. Lead photos by Jose Rodriguez and Woody’s


^Photos: Jose Rodriguez and Woody’s

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  • Lego1981

    This needs more advertisements. Never knew we had a beach in the city.

  • shakeman

    It’s in Hamburg.

  • queenseyes

    It’s not in the city, but it’s the closest beach to the city. You can see One HSBC Center’s tower from the water.

  • sbrof

    This was a nice beach to actually be able to get into the water. Although the swimming area is ridiculously small and shallow, barely deep enough to swim in most of it.
    That being said, the boardwalk through the dunes, the information stations and facilities were all very nice.

  • The Boss

    tacos are quite good, staff freindly and beers served on the beach, great spot…free parking after 5

  • brownteeth

    Was there a few weeks ago and loved it! It really is a nice place to relax and have a few drinks, unlike the coked out biker bars 20 miles down the road. No Ed Hardy or Affliction T-Shirts in sight!

  • Pete Shelley

    Does anyone else remember when this was a gay beach in the 70’s and 80’s?

  • boozehound

    I stopped in last night and found the place to have limitless potential. The beach area they have to work with is really large and at this point just a blank canvas open to new and different ideas. I really hope they try something new here that is not already done at Dock of the Bay (old crowd), Mickey Rats/Sunset (drink till you puke teenage crowd). This place has such natural beauty that all it needs is subtle enhancements that don’t interfer with what is already there. Simple things like the choice of music go a long way to setting the ambiance and I really liked the casual firepit. Hopefully there will be another one set up in the beach area. From reading this site it seems like Tucker Curtain brings a ton of ideas and enthusiam to his projects so here is hoping for the best for this truly amazing site.

  • NoBoGuy

    Just there a few days ago. It IS a great beach! Very clean. It’s in Hamburg, but not far at all from downtown! “Woody’s” is an excellent concept, and I hope it is very sucessful! There’s not much to it yet, but it’s definitely a place to get a marguarita, and sit on the beach with friends. Fire pits are nowhere near the beach, but still a neat idea! I hope Tucker advertises a bit, and perhaps plans an end of the summer party so people don’t forget about this next season.

  • brownteeth

    I did talk to one of the staff by the beach mini bar and grill (where all the chairs with unbrellas are set up on the beach). Apparently they’re going to turn thos sheds into mini villas with bottle service.

  • buffalorr

    Spent many days here this past summer. One of the best things to have happened around Buffalo. Just a short drive over the Skyway to Woodlawn Beach. One issue, there was a “no one under 21yrs.” rule the entire summer until about two weeks ago when it changed to “children must be accompanied by a parent”. Geez, finally a place for grown ups to enjoy a cocktail and relax on the beach and now it’s full of kids running around screaming while their “adult” parents are busy getting loaded. What a great atmosphere for kids and adults- NOT. There is a huge beach for families right next door. Just when you think something’s been done right they have to ruin it!