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A Culinary Coup for Elmwood

As if overnight, and just in time for the Garden Walk, D’Avolio has brilliantly transformed an Elmwood driveway and carriage house entrance into a contemporary and refreshing indoor-outdoor courtyard. The business has outdone itself – something that was tough to do considering that its previous location was ever so popular and tastefully presented. The olive oils and vinegars are prominently placed with menu boards to decipher what is currently in stock. Awnings are hung above faux windows featuring photos of different serene landscapes. Next to the awnings, cafe chairs are arranged so that customers can sit down to try the different gourmet oil selections (see history).

D’Avolio’s storefront is as professional as the service – notice the metal sign at the entrance of the driveway. Every customer is cheerfully greeted by an attendant who has the ability to effortlessly multitask – run the cash register, answer questions… the black D’Avolio apron is also a nice touch. Outside in the courtyard, chairs and tables are set up for anyone looking to enjoy the sun while sampling bread dipped in oils. The entire setup is outstanding and raises the business bar solely by paying such close attention to the smallest of details. I can’t wait to see what D’Avolio has in store for Elmwood in years to come. This is a culinary coup for Elmwood. Along with The Co-op, Penzeys Spices, and Globe Market, there is plenty to purchase when it comes to food-related offerings. Not to mention the various chocolate shops, The Village Beer Merchant, etc.

810 Elmwood
Buffalo NY

(716) 783-9977


Written by WCPerspective


Buffalo and development junkie currently exiled in California.

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  • Dan

    Papyrus? Don’t they know that font is reserved for yoga studios and natural healers?

  • jattea

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed. I hate this typeface. It’s so overused in an attempt to portray an exotic look. This may sound pretentious, but businesses should take pride in – and recognize the value of – their brand. It doesn’t cost much to hire a design house…
    Just a constructive criticism… I like this store and I’m happy they are doing well.

  • Daniel Sack

    Wow – and I thought I could write negative comments!

  • grad94

    somehow i don’t think the papyrus typeface will hurt business, but i sure got slammed elsewhere on bro for pointing out that the dreary gray-blue vinyl siding over a nightclub just -might- deter people from wanting to go anywhere near the place.

  • Dan

    It’s just that with the presence of so many talented artists, graphic designers and even type foundries in the Buffalo area, local businesses are rank amateurs when it comes to their branding compared to their peers elsewhere. Using typefaces like Papyrus and Brush Script (a favorite here) is just unprofessional.
    Don’t get me started on the fluorescent FULL LINE OF GROC CRICKET BOOST LOTTO KING COBRA WIC delis on the East Side. That s**t is an insult to those who live in the surrounding neighborhood. Arab stores elsewhere in the city don’t have such gaudy, cluttered, amateurish, grafittied-up and ILLEGAL signage as they do on the East Side.

  • grad94

    don’t overlook the possibility that a local graphic designer, albeit an under-talented one, did the logo & banner for them.

  • LI2Northpark

    I love this store, even if they have sub-par type face. **rolls eyes at pretentious comments**

  • maryliz

    Boy, do I feel dumb! I was so enthusiastic about the story and then I find that they used the wrong typeface! Silly me. But then I shouldn’t be surprised at the supercilious, self-satisfied, self-important remarks. So many who comment preen themselves and revel in their superiority while trashing their “inferiors”.
    Anyway, I like the typeface (how gauche) and I think the place is absolutely charming. I’m very happy about another enterprising Buffalonian who is making this a better place for everyone, even the cynical.

  • TurkeyBurger

    thank you maryliz. it would be about right for pretentious dipsmacks to focus on a font. they have a wonderful product and most of the font naysayers are probably living in their mothers basement wishing you could fulfill their dream of doing what you really want to do. shame on debbie downers.