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New Bills Uniforms Leaked

Buffalo sports franchises loves to roll out new uniforms. And fans love to argue about whether the ‘new’ ones are better than the ‘old’ ones. And the Buffalo Bills announced in February that they’d be spinning the uniform carousel yet again this year and releasing new uniforms that “incorporate the team’s storied history while keeping the team’s signature charging Buffalo logo.”  

The new uniforms were supposed to be released at a fan appreciation event later this year but it appears the new jerseys have leaked thanks to a promotion video for the Madden 2012 video game. Of course, previous versions of the alleged Bills new uniform design have leaked before but ESPN’s Tim Graham confirms that these jerseys are the new Bills uniforms for the upcoming 2012 season.  The Madden promo video, which was posted on the EA Sports website, is no longer available on their site and the video has been pulled from Youtube. The hasty removal of the images proves, of course, that the uniforms are legit. 
As Graham points out, the new uniforms are reminiscent of the Joe Ferguson era Bills which were worn by the team from 1975-1983.  The images are pixelated because they were pulled from the video but still provide a good sense of how the new uniforms will look.  
So, let the debate begin – love ’em or hate ’em? 

Written by Mike Puma

Mike Puma

Writing for Buffalo Rising since 2009 covering development news, historic preservation, and Buffalo history. Works professionally in historic preservation.

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  • MrGreenJeans

    Oh, wow! What exciting NEWS! Another way to extract cash from the local suckers (oh, sorry: FANS)?
    Do you mean that the Orchard Park Bills (oh, sorry: they are BUFFALO Bills, no?) will deign to live amongst we sorry little people for another year? Lucky, lucky us! Go buy some more season tickets to see these millionaires play their games, you lucky people.

  • phrank

    Does this mean white helmets too? I don’t know if I like that. I like the dark navy blue and I’m not sure I’m ready to go back to a bright royal blue again. I’m not going to buy any new merchandise this year, that’s for sure.

  • crc

    This is just a big smoke screen to cover up the fact that the organization cares more about making money than putting a legit product on the field.

  • Peter_Parkdale

    The Bills may not be the best team in the NFL, but don’t dismiss the hard work and talent of the amazing athletes who represent Buffalo every week. They all work harder than most of us would ever dare to play a physically and mentally challenging game that the vast majority of spectators don’t understand beyond the basics. They are a legit team of high performing and extremely well compensated professionals and I bet they are working a lot harder at what they do than you work at what you do.

  • mmmmm…Buffalo

    Because there’s clearly no link between making more money and buying better players. God forbid a small market team try to increase revenue.
    Shut up and just support your team.

  • townline

    is this a real comment?

  • Brian

    Blah blah everybody thinks every player in the nfl make millions which is completely false. If you don’t like them, don’t support them. That is your choice. The organization being here is important to the region. Many teams do not play within the city limits, and even though I would love to see a stadium downtown, I am not holding breath for it to happen anytime soon.

  • Meliq

    so true!

  • crc

    Hah, yeah. Shut up and support your team. Please.
    That’s the type of attitude that Ralph loves. Suckers like you. Someone that keeps buying season tickets, keeps buying uniforms and merchandise regardless of the product that’s put on the field.

  • rb09

    Love the uniforms.
    Now let’s play some football!

  • Wake Up Niagara

    New Uniforms for a New Era!

  • mmmmm…Buffalo

    I’ve never bought season tickets, own one jersey (Marshawn Lynch, I deserve a hit for that), and really do little to support the team financially. But I support them. That’s what you do for your city’s team. Hate the management, I do, but don’t hate the team. Those players work hard and deserve to have the people behind them no matter what. I’d rather support a losing team than be a terrible fan like you crc.

  • benfranklin

    On the morning our beloved Sabres take on the hated Flyers in a game seven… Buffalo Rising gives us a glimpse of the Bills new uniform for our sport’s fix?

  • NorPark

    Isn’t Nike taking over as the uniform provider for the 2012-2013 season, which means every team will essentially have a new uniform for that season? SO does this mean the Bills are putting out new uniforms that will only be current for 1 season?

  • rb09

    No… Nike is taking over from Reebok, but uniforms will not be changed. The only change will be from the Reebok logo to the Nike logo.

  • ExWNYer

    I like them. I never liked the last ones, particularly the road uniforms. I did like the throwbacks and I hope they retain those.

  • Buffalo’s Billy Sheehan

    i love em….never liked the red helmets so glad to see them go….and at least the Bills never strayed too far from the original color scheme throughout the years but these are the best since the early 80’s unis…and as far as being a marketing ploy????? they are a business….so generating revenue is kind of the point I would think for most businesses….this isn’t a charity…buy in or turn them off…your choice…

  • biniszkiewicz

    hard to tell, isn’t it? It sounds so sincere, yet comes from the guy who always castigates the rich as immoral simply by virtue of having accumulated wealth. Perhaps he has a soft spot for athleticism.

  • biniszkiewicz

    I preferred the navy, though it’s a minority opinion.

  • Peter_Parkdale

    There is a difference between the rich who get rich off the labor of others and those like athletes and actors who are rich due to their hard work and dedication to their craft. I respect the latter and not the former.

  • socialistpete

    Why would you leave a comment about not liking the NFL? Get a life and find somewhere else cry.
    I’m glad to see the helmets are not red!!! And I will waste my money on a new jersey this year.

  • townline

    Ryan Leaf is my Idol.

  • bluedevil

    Ben – I tried to lobby EA Sports to not release the Madden promo video – which I knew would leak the Bills new uniforms – until after Game 7 of the Sabres/Flyers series but sadly I was ignored. Next time, I’ll attempt to make news break on a cycle that makes more sense for your sports viewing schedule.

  • biniszkiewicz

    interesting . . . so how do you feel about inventors, for example? They create their own wealth through their own sweat, don’t they? Or how about someone who discovers gold on their property, or some lost treasure, and digs it up alone? No one else sweats for their wealth. Are they to be reviled or do they get a pass, too?
    And don’t athletes rely on plenty of support, from marketing to training to the lowly ushers on game day? And doesn’t their high cost hit fans in the pocketbook? Is that fair? And how about actors? Big stars get megabucks, but directors, writers, set designers, smaller name performers, theater operators, etc., all share less of the pie because of the big chunk the star commands. How are they exempt from your scorn?
    I’m just saying, based on your other comments on other threads, that your positions seem a little muddled on the issue of wealth.

  • Fuzzy’s New Hinwood

    No, it’s not. He lifted that description word for word from the 2009/2010 Buffalo Jills Marketing Brochure.

  • benfranklin

    Would seem it was your choice, fuzzy image of new uniform for a team that’s unlikely to take the field this season, or a seventh game just a few hours away. Then again, your Sabres posts haven’t drawn many comments lately, perhaps ‘commenters’ recall your penchant for bickering with posters, and have decided (correctly) to leave your posts alone.

  • C

    I’m not quite sure a pee wee white helmet (respectively knowing its from our past) is going to get a bunch of 20 somethings pumped up for something new, when most opponents have a lot more to show off these days on what their wearing. Football has always been known for the not-so well adjusted… so, I was hoping to C some silver metallic or even a different color Buffalo… for who knows of any blue Buffalo anyways? All and all, if it is to be, maybe they’ll be reminded of their younger playing days personally on pee-wee squads and want to play with that same kind of cohesiveness passion. Good Luck Bflo

  • bluedevil

    I like your idea – when news breaks, let it sit for a few days and then post it. Better yet, I like the idea of letting news sit for a while then printing it on paper and having trucks deliver it to people’s houses. I bet that would work.
    Also, I don’t bicker with commenters, I correct them.

  • benfranklin

    What I find amusing is your definition of ‘news’. Grainy image of a glorified video game, or a real game just a few hours away.

  • Mark_P

    Anything is better than what we have now (worst jersey-pajamas in the league), but I’d like to start holding Buffalo, as a whole, to higher standards than that type of thought.
    I also don’t really mind what I’m seeing from the Madden pictures, but we already have fantastic retro jerseys to remind us of our championship years. Wouldn’t making those permanent be a better choice than reminding us of their mid 70s/early 80s years?

  • Mr. Pelham

    national recognition! I got linked here by the Yahoo! article.


    Where the true Buffalo Bills fans at??
    Man I live in Las Vegas I have alot bills stuff and plan on going to san diego in dec to see them play.I love the buffalo bills whether they go 14-2 or 4-12,I hate the words “wide right” and I call that play “the music city massacre” and dont need to see any more replays of it…
    Dont always agree with the moves that they make but everyday I check and every sunday I watch the whole game live and die and get ready to do it again next week..
    So let’s get ready for a playoff push in our new uniforms and one last thing