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Pierogie Love night

By Roma Mandzyk:

Perhaps it’s the very discomfort of the climate that makes Ukrainians delight in the outdoors. There’s nothing like a walk down the banks of the icy Dnieper River to make one crave the comfort of delicate pierogi.

On Friday, February 18 grab your ration cards and head down to the Ukrainian Social Club for a ritual of late winter: Pierogi Love Night. Come eat the dumplings that are street foods in Ukraine and in the other countries of Eastern Europe. Resident chef, Mrs. H will have the windows of Buffalo’s oldest Ukrainian social club steamed up from 6pm to 11 pm, serving handmade Ukrainian food like pierogi with caramelized onions, stuffed cabbage, and peppery traditional borscht. DJ Taras will be playing his Perestroika favorites – a mix of psych rock, old and new.

Lounge around at the club’s chic full-service bar, which features an array of heady Ukrainian beers by Obolon, along with European and American beer and liquor. As if that wasn’t enough, you can pose for obligatory photos with patriotic symbols, by artist and former plastynka (Ukrainian girl scout), Lukia Costello.


-Pierogi Dinner (six) – boiled dumplings with caramelized onion. Choice of stuffings: potato, sauerkraut, or farmer’s cheese filling. $6

-Holubtsi (cabbage rolls) – rice, meat & mushroom stuffed, with tomato sauce. Served with a classic Ukrainian lettuce salad, with onion (oil & vinegar) $4

-Combination Plate – Three pierogies and one cabbage roll $5

-Ukrainian borscht with dumplings and mushrooms (cup) $2

(pan-fried fish dinner and other dishes available too!)

Frozen pierogies to go (12) $8

To place your order for food at the Club, grab a menu from a table or the bar. You place your order at the door in the rear and somebody carries a tray to where you’re sitting or standing. Kitchen and bar is cash only.

Pierogi Love Night at the Ukrainian Social Club
Ukrainian-American Civic Center
205 Military Rd., Buffalo. 716-877-7200.
5:30 p.m. Friday, February 18
Special pub night celebrating pierogi heritage at Buffalo’s oldest Ukrainian social club.  
Free admission.
No credit cards.  
Family-friendly, but bar open to 21+ only with required ID.

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  • onestarmartin

    Bet Paula Dean would love this!

  • Travelrrr

    I love this!

  • MrGreenJeans

    I almost choked when I saw “pierogi” used correctly! As a Polish friend explained to me: 1 is a pierog, 2 are pierogi.
    Two are rarely enough, though!
    ps – I thought this place was abandoned; it’s nice to learn otherwise.

  • sbrof

    and they were delicious!

  • South Buffalo Drifter

    We went down for some pierogi last night and was not disappointed! They were delicious! The Ukrainian Club is a very neat private club that we would have never came to or even heard of if not for the article posted here and I am glad that you did post it. I actually felt like Anthony Bourdain for a bit as it was like stepping into another world entering the Ukrainian Club with the music playing, posters, artwork, people speaking the native language and the beer…let’s not forget the beer. The cooler is stocked with an assortment of beers from the Ukraine, Poland and of course the domestic varieties. I chose to drink the Ukrainian Beer Obolong Bile. It was a very good beer, kind of like a wheat beer but a bit more hoppy. Our party arrived at 6pm and sat at the bar for a drink then asked the bar tender about eating dinner. It was a neat set-up really. You got in line at a doorway and once you got through the doorway there was an opening on the left for the kitchen. Once you got to the kitchen, you gave them your order, they took your money and they prepared the food right there for you while you waited, then you took the food back to your table and ate it.
    My wife and I both had the Sauerkraut Pierogi Dinner and it was splendid. We’ve never had it with caramelized onions on top but that made it even better! It also came with a dinner salad as well for $6.00! You certainly can’t beat that price. There was five of us in our party and we all enjoyed out meals.
    I bet it is safe to say that they did record business last night because there was a line out the door from 6pm to at least 8pm when we finished our dinners and beer and departed the Ukrainian Club. We would definitely go back for dinner again if they opened it up to the public like this again.

  • Penn Station

    The Ukrainian Social Club is a great hidden gem of Buffalo. Great building! and a whole new world of Eastern European beer to discover. The ratskeller is such an awesome room, made me want to start a puch somewhere.
    Unfortunately, the club didn’t read this article about the Pierogi Love night. When we arrived at about 7:00 there was no problem finding a table to sit at, in fact, there were only 5 guys sitting at the bar . Now, I imagine they were members by the looks on their faces as we sat down at the bar, but, we wanted to get this party started. Man, one can get thirsty working to get the attention of the bartender. Luckily we had in our party a real retired seaman who entertained us with tales of dive bars in foreign ports and the desperation of men at sea . Waiting, waiting, I thought about standing on the bar to get the attention we thirsted for, but… that is not clubby etiquette, so we were patient. Finally,.. Russian beer was my choice, its alcohol content rated by a number printed large on the front, 4 -6-7-8 horsepower. 6 was a nice porter. Buzz!….. Dinner was ordered. Pierogis and holupki. Now, that sopped up the buzz in a hurry! I can see how Russians can drink so much vodka.
    In all fairness, I do have to say that another group did arrive and occupied the table near us. We shared a few awkward glances and a few polite smiles with them as their kids popped the pool table balls off the table and on to the tile floor. Clack………clack……clack…claack..clackclackclackclack. ELROY! Knock it off. But, I like kids, so it was OK.
    The adventure and irony of the whole night made it fun. The people were not overly friendly but they didn’t call kgb either, so it was all good.
    Mrs. H didn’t know anything about the event aaand, with the kitchen closed up about 8:00, we texted our yet to arrive friends that we should meet somewhere else.
    Maybe next time send a letter by snail mail and let them know. Cheers

  • Penn Station

    Haha. The joke is on me. Who would have thunk there was more then one Ukrainian Social Club. We’re surrounded. Hope everyone at the other club had as much fun. Cheers

  • JM

    OMG That’s a GREAT STORY!

  • South Buffalo Drifter

    That is too funny! Where is the other Ukrainian Club located that you went to?

  • Penn Station

    Its the old German American Social Club ( as if I remember) on Genessee St. west of Jefferson. Not to much left around there except this building, still loved and maintained. I was just there for the first time for a preservation meeting about a month ago, so I knew right where it was.

  • South Buffalo Drifter

    Excellent! I am going to have to check that place out! I can speak German if need be! LOL!