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Serious Eats Weighs in on Weck

Yesterday we told you about superfoodblog Serious Eats’ recent visit to Buffalo’s premier donut shop, Paula’s. It looks like their editors did more than stop in for a late night cruller.

Today their leading with a slideshow and story about our second most famous niche food item (following the chicken wing, of course) the classic Beef on Weck. They hit up Schwabl’s, Anchor Bar, Duff’s and Charlie the Butcher. If you ask me, they may have missed out on the best Weck in Buffalo by not visiting Eckl’s or Frank’s, not to mention the mobile Weck provided by Riley’s or SeaBar’s lauded Beef on Weck sushi roll, which may not qualify for this competition, but is of note (and super tasty) nonetheless.

Had you known they were coming, where would you send Serious Eats’ food editors for Weck? What else would you want them to taste (besides pizza and wings, people!).

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  • TheRicker

    Bar Bill in E.A or Swiston’s in Tonawanda also have excellent beef.
    Perogies, Hot Dogs, (namely Sahlen’s) and Chivetta’s Chicken are definitely foods I share with out-of-towners.

  • JSmith

    I think Swiston’s has the best beef on weck of the places I have had it. I don’t remember being particularly impressed (either positively or negatively) by Eckl’s.

  • LJPShow

    I know this doesn’t count because you can’t really go to a restaurant to get it…But I do love Bison Dip haha

  • LJPShow

    Also I’ve had the Beef on Weck at Pearl Street Bar and Grill and I remember it be amazing!!!!!

  • DMZ

    They missed out on Ulrich’s as well.

  • The Kettle

    Agreed. Swistons is the best in town imo.

  • Millz88

    McPartlan’s has great roast beef…and fish fry.

  • MikeO14209

    And Steve’s Pig and Ox Roast.. mmm.. so good

  • bhorvath

    Taco Bell!

  • NorPark

    +1 for Eckl’s having the best Beef on Weck.

  • needles

    My personal favorite too!

  • JM

    Schwabls is the real deal. Don’t hate just because it’s not in the City.


    I want them to try the pasta fa-zoola at Santisiero’s

  • Dagner

    Schwabls. And I hear they are now doing take out!
    Agreed to the Bison French Onion Dip and Chiavetta’s Chicken. Through in some real hot dogs, with Weber’s Horseradish mustard.

  • Dan

    It’s Friday der and youse should be talking about da fish fry’s. All this talk about da beef on da wick’s on Friday makes da Baby Jesus cry.

  • Carter Pewterschmidt

    Schwabl’s is the best. Another great one is in Hamburg at the Buffalo Street Grill. As far as other places, I’d send them to Pete-N-Pauls for a Chiavettas Chicken Pita…love that place!

  • Scott Norwood

    Triple-U troll