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Tobogganing at Chestnut Ridge Park: First Time in Five Years

The toboggan
runs at Chestnut Ridge Park will re-open today, Saturday, January 9th. 
The newly reconstructed chutes will be open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays
and holidays from 10AM to 4PM, and Friday nights from 4PM to 8PM (starting
January 15th).  Plans are also in place to open the toboggan runs by
reservation on Wednesdays for school field trips or corporate outings.

The toboggan
runs were originally built in the early 1930’s at Chestnut Ridge.  The
chutes have been closed for the past five years, and were reconstructed over
the past several months.  Toboggan runs like these are now extremely rare
around the nation.

the chutes is part of the Collins’ administration’s master plan to restore the
County parks.  Reconstructing the toboggan runs cost slightly less than
$200,000 and was paid for through the County’s capital bond funding. 

At this
point, anyone using the chutes will need to bring their own toboggan, and only
wooden toboggans are allowed.  The County is looking into buying toboggans
to rent out at a future date.  To reserve the toboggan runs at Chestnut
Ridge for your school or business, call 716.858.7037.  More information is
available at

Top image: Chestnut Ridge,1931



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Buffalo Rising

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  • Dagner

    Super! On a clear day, you can see Lake Erie from the top of the ridge. Raised in the Southtowns, I fondly remember tobaggoning here as a child. We’re breaking out the old family wooden one to try out the new chutes.
    Glad you included the price of the reconstruction. It’s an eye-opening amount.

  • jimmy

    Excellent news! It is about time!
    It is good to see BRO including good news from outside the City borders for a change.

  • katie

    Those were good times at the Ridge. I’m happy to see chutes opening again. The rush you feel of the snow in your face as you’re barreling down the chute beats a rollercoaster anyday. Enjoy!!

  • Molly

    It would be great if this site started posting more stories that are outside city limits. Most people in the area think of Buffalo as an “area” or region and not just the actual city.
    I remember going to Chestnut Ridge when these were open and my grandparents had a toboggan. It was a lot of fun and am glad to see them open again.

  • sbrof

    Went today… might go back tomorrow. It was a a crystal clear day, you could easily see the skyline with the lake all right there. A spectacular day to be outside.

  • buffalocomputer

    Any news of a winter carnival coming up? I remember sledding, watching snowmobile stuntmen, sleigh rides and lots more there when I was a kid…

  • armyof100clowns

    I took the family there yesterday to go sledding. It was a great day for sledding, excluding the few jackholes who believe the rules do not apply to them – specifically snowboarding on the hill clearly marked not to do so.
    I was unaware that the chutes would be reopening and was very surprised to see folks happily scooting down as they did when I was young. My wife who has never been on a toboggan now wants to get my family’s toboggan, which my father first used on the Chestnut Ridge chutes in the late ’40s, out of my father’s barn. It will probably require a bit of restoration work, but at least I know we will have a place to use it next season. I really look forward to sharing this with my children.

  • ablejack

    Last time I flew down the chutes was over thirty years ago. Got excited to see them back in action.
    /goes to check out toboggan prices.

  • littleacorn

    Just one more repair job that had to be done when Joel Giambra left office. The toboggan runs were just the tip of the iceberg on the neglect in the parks under Joel. This was a guy who did not mind taking fun and joy away from children.