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On the Market: 300 Main Street

A piece of the Joseph Ellicott Local Preservation District is for sale.  300 Main Street is listed with Saperston Commercial Real Estate with an $850,000 asking price.  The four-story, 15,000 sq.ft. structure fronts both Main Street and Cathedral Park and was built between 1871-1891.

The building is owned by Jay Rosenthal and Joseph Muenkel whose law firm Rosenthal, Siegel, & Muenkel, LLP occupies the building’s office space.  The firm is willing to sell the building and lease back its offices long-term or vacate the space.  Chop-Chop and a Subway restaurant occupy the ground floor. 

Get Connected: Howard T. Saperston, 716.847.1100, ext. 287

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  • QueenCity

    Somehow, I would say that the building would have much higher value if it wasnt painted…a good sandblasting or pressure was should get rid of much of it…then make sure to apply a masonary sealer….but its a beautiful building…just need to nix the paint.

  • sbof

    It would also be worth more if there were not so many rats in the area.

  • Ike

    You don’t think the teal really ties the street together?

  • Ike

    You can always kill rats/plug up their holes etc…
    It’s not like once the rats move in they’re there forever and we’re all doomed