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2009 Allentown Art Festival Slide Show

From the looks of the BR poll this week, we have a lot of art festival fans out there.  Here’s a taste of last weekend’s Allentown Art Festival from the lens of photographer Glenn E. Murray,  Esq., with the slideshow magic of BR’s Dan Fisher.
Glenn never fails to get in the thick of things with his trusty camera, and being a tall man, he sees a lot that many of those of shorter stature miss.  We guess you could say Glenn has a bird’s eye view.
Enjoy the show, set to the music of local band Off the Cuff, playing Ginger as you watch images from this year’s Allentown fest, attended by an estimated 200,000 people.  No wonder we get national attention for this event; it’s huge!

The Allentown Art Festival from Dan Fisher on Vimeo.

All photos:  Glenn E. Murray, Esq.

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  • LovinLivinintheBuff

    What a wonderful slideshow of pithy t-shirt slogans.


    Isn’t that attendance number supposed to be 200,000?

  • NorPark

    2 pics of the Lady in White, nice.
    Pet Peeve – I really can stand it when people bring there dogs to events like this, its not very good for the dog when its hot as $hit out and your walking your dog on hot pavement for hours, plus there are a ton of people, its packed as it is without tripping over someones dog.

  • Buffalonian4life

    I thought the attendence this year would be around 1million people… But, actually, in years past it has been over 300,000. And this year was no doubt their largest one yet. Absolutely gigantic!!! I spent 4 hours just trying to walk through Delaware Ave, Allen Street, etc, and only got perhaps a third of the festival in. I couldn’t believe how packed it was this year!

  • artificialbutalive

    There’s no way all those slogan shirts were real. Some of them looked photoshoped….badly LOL. But despite that, those were some fun pics.

  • DMZ

    “Attended by an estimated 200,000 people” They should have added “and 1,000 dogs”. There is a time and a place for dogs, and it’s not at a crowded art festival on asphalt packed with people. Look I love dogs, I own a dog that needs to walk a lot, however I realize that my dog isn’t a fashion accessory. They really need to have a strict no dog policy at these events (that goes double for Taste of Buffalo). It’s just ignorant and rude. I had 3 instances where I had to push a dog away from my 4 month old while their owners weren’t paying attention. I feel bad enough I had to push a stroller through people, but at least my kid was actually in there unlike the few d-bags who had a dog in strollers (with no baby present, so yes the stroller was for the dog). I don’t have the luxury to leave my kid in the back yard with some water and shade. I know these people want attention real bad, and I know that with a place like Allen Town there’s a little more competition to stand out. So instead of piercing their face they bring their dog to places like this. Maybe 3 people say “how cute” and then the dog owner goes on their way feeling great about them self, becasue after all the dog is an extension of them. What’s going to happen is someone is going to get mad and take it out on a dog, when it’s not the dogs fault, it’s their stupid owners. My wife, my kid, and I went for about 3 hours, when we got back to our house our dog was in her usual spot napping under the tree with a full bowl of water and some food. In case anyone was concerned we were all ok after being separated for so long.
    Since were ranting, could smokers wait 5 minutes to get out of the jam packed crowd to smoke. It’s not the smoke, but the physical burning of people. I saw some dude almost get a beating because his cig almost hit a kid.

  • onestarmartin

    great slide except for the dogs. people who take dogs to these events are just cruel, insensitive and stupid.

  • collegestreetgallery

    I can assure you they aren’t photoshopped.

  • magicrat

    4 month old children aren’t fashion accessories either. if you don’t have the means to leave the little one with a sitter…I suggest you sacrifice outdoor festivals until things look a little brighter in the DMZ household.

  • DMZ

    @ Magicrat: You prove your ignorance by assuming that I don’t have the “means” to obtain a baby sitter. You also showcase your lack of understanding for early childhood development. It’s obvious you know nothing about raising a child and the importance of stimulating a child’s senses at that age. My kid had a great time looking at all the things that were going on. I’m sure a lot of kids did as well, becasue after all this is a family event (for humans), and I wanted to hang out with my family. Of course when you do have kids I’m sure you’ll let the TV do the baby sitting.

  • magicrat

    your quote,from above
    “I feel bad enough I had to push a stroller through people”
    doesn’t seem to jive with your strenuous rebuttal.
    As for baby DMZ’s early childhood development; I am quite sure the little one will do just fine outside of the evirons of a smoldering-hot, packed with drunks, city street.(At least until he/she turns 1)
    Perhaps a sociological test is in order…..let’s see how long your 4 mth old and my dog last out on the street on their own.

  • DMZ

    Again you really are missing the point. This is a place for people, not dogs. I could go through a list of places I wont take my kid, but this is absolutely not one of them. Not once did my child pose a burden or risk to someone else. I saw how packed the event actually was, I put the stroller in the car and carried my kid. I don’t have an issue with strollers, but it makes it a little easier. I spoke to a lot of people who went and the only complaint I heard was about people who brought their dogs. Again not one person complained about the heat, art, people, traffic, parking, cops etc. They all thought it was incredibility rude and ignorant to bring dogs to an event like this period.

  • magicrat

    My beef is about the whining. You whine about dogs and smokers from on high. I was simply pointing out that others could find fault with you as well. Getting your achilles cut by pimped out baby mobiles and listening to incessant screaming doesn’t leave a pleasant taste in most people’s mouths either.

  • DMZ

    I don’t consider pointing out rude or potentially dangerous behavior whining. With regards to the smoking, I just told you what I saw, and that was a dude about to get his butt kicked for almost burning someones kid with a lit cigarette. I also happen to think that a reasonable person could wait 5 minutes to smoke where he wouldn’t actually hit someone with a burning cig. Let me also reiterate that this is an outdoor family event for people, not a movie, or a restaurant. At these events I’ll see people get pissed at wheelchairs, slow walking people, strollers, security and a vendor pushing his cart to his tent, all or some may be considered minor nuisances. What I saw this year in the span of about 20 minutes, on three separate occasions was a dog trip a person, fight another dog, and jump on a person. Your just mad becasue your one of the attention starved people I described.

  • NorPark

    I agree, sounds like magicrat took it personal. I have a dog, he comes to work with me every day, and on walks and hikes and to beach (non public). Its just ignorant to take a dog to an event like this though.

  • magicrat

    You wouldn’t catch me within 20 miles of any outdoor festival.( Let alone my dog) I don’t much like people, and certainly don’t like them in uncontrolled bunches. Having said that, please feel free to continue pointing out rude or potentially dangerous behavior and I will continue to point out crybabies.

  • The Kettle

    Another internet tough guy.

  • magicrat

    Doesn’t anyone else get tired of seeing complaints in every single article posted here? The idea of BRO is to promote the positive in Buffalo, the posters don’t have to take it upon themselves to bring a balance of negativity.
    I pointed out the issues that one could have with 4 month old babies in fairness to the dog owners out there. If that makes me an internet tough guy, sweet! Maybe I could get some cool tat!

  • dblplusgood

    I am tired of people complaining about the complaints.

  • Scott Norwood

    Thanks for the pictures Dan. Love the t-shirts.
    Maybe BRO will make an “Internet Tough Guy” shirt.

  • KarlMalone

    I could care less about the dogs, my main beef is with all them cats. I nearly stumbled and broke my neck several times over all them damn cats. Since when did cats become so popular to walk in public. I thoughts they were shy and not on a leash. They should rename it: The Allentown Cat Festival.

  • The Kettle

    Just having a little fun :). I happen to agree with you on complainers in general in this forum. Some people live to point out how an idea wont work. Things have gotten better though as of late.

  • fredrico

    I stopped going to the Allentown Art festival 3 years ago when on a 90 degree day a middle age couple was walking a 10 week old teeny tiny puppy in the middle of all those people on the boiling pavement. I said to the couple, isn’t that poor thing kind of young to be walked on a leash on this boiling day -especially someplace like here? They just kept walking and they said (giggling) well it’s ten weeks old.

  • jennimi

    Hey Glenn, it was great to meet you and thanks so much for a great trip through the fest! Shameless plug for friends of mine for whom I was street teaming on Saturday: Born in Buffalo tees: Show your Buffalo pride tastefully or offensively, your call, just show it. (McKinley’s Last Stop, B-lo Me, Last Call 4 a.m. and God Save the Queen City, as well as My City Smells Like Cheerios, and tons more!). BiB will have a tent at this weekend’s Citybration celebration, so come out and meet some proud Buffalonians making a go of things. Thanks again Buffalo Rising!