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What if you had the ultimate brewing space?

Are you currently working with less-than-enough BTUs on your stove? Hauling the turkey burner out to the garage? Got bottles piling up in the basement, fermenting at the current temperature, whatever it may be? Find yourself short on malt, or missing a key piece of equipment, in the middle of a brew? Want to get a crew together to brew a 55-gal batch of Flemish Sour Red? Hankerin’ to start yeast ranching?
Ever hear of a Brew-On-Premises? It’s basically a commercial enterprise at which you make a single batch of beer, come back in a few weeks, bottle it, come back in a few weeks, take it home. Not especially viable as a business, it turns out, but as a model for a home-brewing co-op, it’s brilliant.
The BHC is a project to find (rent/buy) a space for operating a members-only, cooperatively owned and operated homebrewing workshop. With 2500-3000 sqft, we’ll be able to build-out fermenting rooms at 2-3 sustained temperatures, a yeast banking and propagation area, 3-4 brewing stations, a cleaning & sanitization site, a packaging station and of course, a relaxing area with bar and entertainment. We’ll maintain a brewing library, a computer with brewing software on it, and a website for scheduling, recipes, comments, and wiki for using various equipment & so forth.
There are many very specific details yet to be decided: location, the exact nature of equipment & build-out, organization (by-laws?), and of course most critically: cost. How many members, sharing how much available time and at what sort of price per year- or month, or batch, or…?
If you’re interested in helping to organize this effort, please contact me.
Our first organization meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 6th November at 7:00 pm, Upstairs at Mr. Goodbar 1110 Elmwood

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  • Dear god! This is brilliant!

  • slightly off topic, imagine what communal ganja growing would do for tourism? Make it happen spitzer!
    great idea! I believe i have shared a tent with the tall lad. Interesting to see him on the Internet doing something useful for the community. Sure beats what jeff gannon was doing with his time. Have you guys considered mixing this with art studio space?

  • I’ve seen this operate as a viable business in other cities. Wine making too. Has it been tried and failed here?

  • 380

    Geomike- Well, thanks; I sure hoped so!
    impressingagent- spitzer?
    Hoss- it works when it is attached to either a brewery or brewery/pub, or a Homebrew shop, but not very well stand-alone. I think the issue is repeat business: if you enjoy it enough, you buy your own equipment and thus stop coming to the BOP. So it’s great for parties, corporate team-building, special occasions, but I don’t think it’s something anyone would do often.
    I believe someone did try to open a BOP in Orchard Park, but I haven’t got any details on that, no.

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    A brew on premise operation was in Orchard Park about 15 yrs. ago. They brewed beer & offered wine making. I was a homebrewer @ the time. I tried it once, nice idea, but it folded. I want to buy supplies to take home to make my own brew, they wouldn’t sell supplies. They told mr that the concept was popular in Canada.

  • Lagerheadz was the name of the place in OP i believe.

  • I wonder what makes it work in Canada? Buffalo definitely has just as much of a love for beer as them. What if it doubled as a distributor/retailer for homebrew supplies, for those who already have their own brewing set up?

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    I wonder what makes it work in Canada?
    The high cost of beer in Canada.

  • The high cost as well as the lack of choice. It’s highly regulated. I have Toronto friends that come down just to get a case or two of good beer.

  • 515
  • You gotta love home brew guy. tell me how good your brew taste, home brew guy. Tell how much it is better than Sam Adams and those other mass produced brews, home brew guy. When was the last time you had a job or washed, home brew guy.

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    I’m not a home brewer, but if this works for you all I think it would be a great idea. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of home brews from friends and neighbors and if this helps them increase production so they have more to share with me so much the better.

  • 380

    Well, of those two…
    one has diversified- has a full pub/eatery/wine&spirits- I think NYS law doesn’t have a category to handle that. The one in NH is interesting, though. Still, in general, there was a boom of them in the mid-90’s, and few indeed remain.
    Mainly, though, I’m in no way interested in starting a commercial BOP- I just want to get with some people to get a brewing workshop together, save money, crank out great beer.
    @calrmalone- spitzer?

  • @carlmalone-don’t copy JR’s take. although it did make me laugh.

  • tjr: you’re right but I just couldn’t resist… At least now I know where to go to get some good weed.

  • How many of these guys still live at home with their parents? My guess would be 4.

  • This is a fine idea… but also a fine example of something that’s difficult to pull off in New York State. The problem is this… if they attempt to do this legit, and meet all the building/health code requirements they’re looking at $30,000 to $50,000 easy. Monthly expenses might be 2500 to 3000. Not sure what insurance would be when you have unknown people with access to ingredients.
    Would be advantageous to split cost with a brewer, or some other commercial kitchen that has excess space to lease.

  • “Dude my home brew rocks, so much better than Harpoon and those mass produced micros, now I’m off to Wendy’s, who needs something”