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Erie Canal Harbor Project

Erie Canal Harbor Project Slideshow

In The News article Change on the horizon, among the many listed projects on the horizon is the Erie Canal Harbor project to be completed in late 2007.
WestCoastPerspective points out that there are a few inaccuracies in the Newsi inner-harbor description. For one, it isn’t a multi-modal replacement for the Donovan Bldg- now its just a ramp. Secondly, the Great Lakes Museum is now going to be in the Aud according to published reports.

Renderings can be found here. Be aware, itis a huge download (62 MB).
Again, according to WCP:

It says “draft” but I haven’t heard of a “final.” They do not have money for the buildings in the renderings- they’re hoping private developers will put these up. But the layout of the streets, plazas and slips is finalized.

Take a look at a slideshow of the project.
The answer to BuffaloPunditis question about the skyway is my only problem with the plan. Iim not a planner or an architect or a developer, but it seems that the plan embraces the skyway and integrates it so well into the plan that the thing will never be able to be torn downoespecially once private development begins. Buildings, sidewalks and bike paths are right under the skyway. That doesnit seem safe or pleasant.
Hereis a rendering:

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  • My corporate firewall prohibits me from seeing the slideshow, since I can’t dl the latest version of flash, but that rendering at the top of this post has me drooling.
    Here’s the key question: Is that monstrosity of a skyway still going to be casting a shadow over that area in, say, 10 years or not?

  • brainman

    When the community get’s behind the demolition of the skyway like they did the new international bridge then it will come down. And likely not until.

  • M Rodgers

    My concern – where is Dug’s Dive in all of this? Will it be filled in as they once had plans for?
    This is a site where a see-though building could be erected, with temp control and display cases around the interior sides. Then archeological groups/students could continue with digs in view of tourists/local school groups/etc. The findings could be placed in the display cases creating a living museum.
    This is a site of importance, especially in view of the recent Niagara Movement Anniversary – what an attraction to those studying archeology or having a background/history with Civil Rights.

  • ex-pat

    I am not a fan of the skyway, but the renderings right on target. I hope they really make it happen. No more “Horizon” hopes.

  • jim

    ok great, but is this gonna have more of the same mistakes made on main st.- no cars. Those nice buildings will be vacant if they’re located on more pedestrian malls with no car access. Not that i’m a fan of cars, but thats the reality.

  • John C.

    This looks really great. I can’t wait to come back to Buffalo in a few years to see this entire area rebuilt and busy with life. I hope the Skyway is removed and put underground as suggested a few years back.

  • John C.

    This reminds me of the South Street Seaport District in Manhattan. Keeping the narrow streets is athentic and with this being a year round attraction, then you wont need wide streets for cars. I hope we have the mix of historical museums, vintage style restaurants, and modern retail all in this new area.

  • Bob Z

    I was thnking of South Street Seaport as well! The only problem I can see is that there are 8 million people in NYC. So it can be supported for 12 months, and they are not located on a lake like we are .

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